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Upgrade to PrintingPress Extreme 11 with your valid serial number. See a complete list of new features in the latest version below, including specialty print services and our new fontastic font management features that make it easier and more fun to design with a large collection of fonts. Click here for a complete list of all software features.

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I just received my Printing Press upgrade & already love the new features.
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PrintingPress Extreme 11 Upgrade Features

Below are the new features included in the most recent version of PrintingPress Extreme. Have any ideas for great new upgrades? Please email us feature requests! And keep your eye out for downloadable updates with new features throughout the coming months.

Filter Fonts
Filter Fonts
There are so many fonts available today, sifting through thousands of fonts organized into a single huge alphabetized list can be overwhelming. Our new filter allows you to control what fonts are shown in your font combo box. Choose from one of the built-in font filters or create your own custom font groups.
Organize your fonts into custom groups
Organize your fonts
into custom groups
Now you can easily organize all your fonts into an unlimited number of custom font groups to make your design life so much easier! You can group your fonts by style, by frequency of use, or however you like!
Customize Font Groups
Customize Font Groups
You can add and remove fonts from custom font groups. While editing font groups, you can filter visible fonts or search by font name.
Identify Missing Fonts
Identify Missing Fonts
If you import a sample project that uses fonts that you do not have installed on your computer, you will see a list of all the missing fonts for each piece of stationery. Click to copy the list of missing font names to make it easy to locate and download or purchase the fonts.
Create gorgeous framed photos with personalized photo mats
Create gorgeous framed photos with
personalized photo mats
Our new Photo Mats stationery type lets you design and print personalized photo mats with the photos in one pass for standard 8x10, 10x20 and 11x14 inch photo frames. You can be creative and design with different mat aperture shapes as well as multi-photo mats. The software automatically prints the mat with a bevel so it looks 3-D when inserted into the frame with no mat cutting needed.
Edit Address Abbreviations
Edit Address Abbreviations
Now you can customize the abbreviations that are automatically spelled out when you choose the envelope addressing options to auto spell state names, directions, street, apartment, etc. giving you maximum flexibility. You can add or delete abbreviation/full name pairs as needed. And at any time you can easily revert back to the default settings.
Mailing List Checkboxes
Mailing List Checkboxes
Now the software can help you keep track of which envelopes you have already printed with check boxes in the Mailing List. When you print envelopes it asks if all printed correctly and automatically checks the list as printed. If you import more names, they will be unchecked, and the Print window now includes an easy option to print just the unchecked names.

Guest List Checkboxes
You can also keep track of which place cards you have already printed with check boxes in the Guest List with the same options to check if all printed correctly and to easily print just the unchecked guests.
Print Offset
Print Offset
Adjust print offset for perfect print alignment customized to your printer. Now it even saves separate offsets for portrait and landscape for each printer.
Relocate data folder
Now you no longer need to keep the PrintingPress Extreme Data folder in the Documents folder, you can locate it wherever you like on your computer or an external hard disk drive, as long as it is a drive local to your computer and always connected. This helps avoid issues with services like OneDrive that sync your Documents folder but sometimes get disconnected causing your data to appear to go missing.



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