PrintingPress Extreme 11, Personal Edition

PrintingPress Extreme 11


The most innovative invitation design and print studio software for today’s modern brides and grooms, families with kids, and creative individuals. Includes full support for OpenType Pro fonts and a suite of powerful design tools, monograms, sample invitations, images, borders, backgrounds and seamless patterns. Our new fontastic font management features make it easier and more fun to design with a large collection of fonts. With our new Print Services you can design full-color, two-sided, digital printed cards with options like foil and die cut shapes, as well as napkins and coasters. Includes 90 days FREE of the Personal Access Plan for technical support, new sample designs, software updates and upgrades, and discounted blank stationery and print pricing.

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Personal Edition Software*  SAVE 20% WITH ACCESS PLAN $199.99  $159.99
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Personal Access Plan**  
90 days FREE +$50/yr
* Single Computer License for Windows 10, 8 or 7
** recurring charges apply, please review terms & conditions.
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PrintingPress Extreme 11 Software Overview
PrintingPress Extreme 11 empowers you to be creative with easy-to-use tools for designing sophisticated invitations that can be uploaded for printing with the click of a button.  Save time by starting with a sample design, or create your own using exquisite fonts, creative type styles, stylish graphics, photos, custom monograms, seamless patterns, and creative borders and backgrounds. The built-in addressing tools let you produce fully styled envelopes, labels and place cards with alternate fonts, OpenType Pro styles, meal choice graphics and more. Keep track of projects and addresses quickly and easily. Read below for an overview or click here to view a complete list of features.

Stationery Layout

Stationery Layout
Design cards, envelopes, labels, programs and other stationery such as place cards with meal choices. Print two-sided envelopes in one pass through your printer.

Custom Stationery Design
Stationery design tools let you create your own custom borders, backgrounds and patterns for maximum creativity. Over 25 line types include loop, wave, ric rac, greek key & more.

Specialty Print Services

Specialty Print Services
Our new version 11 software includes easy access to affordable print services! Two-sided full-color, full-bleed digital printed cards with options like foil and die cut shapes, as well as napkins and coasters. Read our press release for more information.

Order a
nd Upload Artwork

You can place orders for print services right from the software. The software will automatically upload the artwork in the correct format for printing, and creating dies when needed for custom foil designs.

Filter Fonts with Font Groups  

Filter FontsNEW!
There are so many fonts available today, sifting through thousands of fonts organized into a single huge alphabetized list can be overwhelming. Our new filter allows you to control what fonts are shown in your font combo box. Choose from one of the built-in font filters or create your own custom font groups.

Custom Font Groups   Organize your fonts
into custom groups
Now you can easily organize all your fonts into an unlimited number of custom font groups to make your design life so much easier! You can group your fonts by style, by frequency of use, or however you like!
Edit Font Group   Customize Font groupsNEW!
You can add and remove fonts from custom font groups. While editing font groups, you can filter visible fonts or search by font name.

OpenType Pro

Full Support for
OpenType Pro fonts

Includes full support for OpenType Pro fonts, including alternate glyphs, swash, ligatures, ornaments, contextual & stylistic alternates for text, monograms and envelope addresses.

Foil Palette

Display foil, letterpress & thermography ink on screen as you work and include in your previews. Built-in smart color palettes automatically change all foil on a card to the same color when you make a change.

Layers Palette Layers Palette
The layers palette gives you easy access to select, edit, move up/down, hide, disable and group the various design elements on your stationery. This is particularly helpful with complex designs when it is difficult to click on overlapping elements.

Advanced Text Effects
Text Effects
Advanced text effects include outlined text, double outlined text, patterned text, drop shadow with adjustable color, reflected shadow, projected shadow, text on a curve & more.
Rounded Corners and Trim

Rounded Corners and Trim
Print Services include two-sided full-bleed digital printing with optional rounded corners and other trim shape options including gallery frame, ticket, and scallop.

Foil or Full-Color Printed Napkins Coasters and Treat Bags

and Coasters

We are partnered with the only facility with a patent to print full-color artwork onto white napkins and coasters. We can also print foil-stamped designs onto a variety of different color napkins and coasters.

Powerful Image Tools

Powerful Image Tools
Powerful image tools include paint bucket to fill part of an image with a color or pattern. Eraser tool can make part of an image transparent. Flip, rotate, fade border, crop, recolor, align, distribute, group, layer or lock floating images.
Spelling and Text Tools  

Spelling and Text Tools
Type with confidence as spelling preview underlines misspelled words and offers right-click options to correct. Save time with recent fonts menu and copy/paste type style features.

Multiple Alternate Fonts

Supercharged Envelope Addressing
Advanced addressing options let you customize the printed address. Specify alternate fonts for different elements of the address. Automatically modify the addresses to: spell house numbers one through ten, replace commas with a decorative character or image, separate the digits of the zip code with decorative characters or images, spell Street, Apartment, etc. and more.

Mirror Image Around Address

Pin Image to Address
Pin images to the left, right, top or bottom if the address. The image will be positioned according to the size of the address so that it is moved down for longer addresses or up for shorter addresses.

Mirror Image Around Address
Mirror an image on the left/right or top/bottom of the address so that the image will be appropriately placed for any size address in the Mailing List.

Foil & Ink Palettes

Now you can customize the abbreviations that are automatically spelled out when you choose the envelope addressing options to auto spell state names, directions, street, apartment, etc. giving you maximum flexibility. You can add or delete abbreviation/full name pairs as needed. And at any time you can easily revert back to the default settings.

Foil & Ink Palettes  

Mailing List CheckboxesNEW!
Now the software can help you keep track of which envelopes you have already printed with check boxes in the Mailing List. When you print envelopes it asks if all printed correctly and automatically checks the list as printed. If you import more names, they will be unchecked, and the Print window now includes an easy option to print just the unchecked names.

Guest List CheckboxesNEW!
You can also keep track of which place cards you have already printed with check boxes in the Guest List with the same options to check if all printed correctly and to easily print just the unchecked guests.

Print Mailing List

Print Formatted Mailing Lists
Formatting options when printing the Mailing List, Guest List or Address Book let you specify which columns to print, specify the font and size, print with or without grid lines, and choose portrait or landscape format. The list is printed in the order in which it is currently sorted.

Second Meal Choice  

Supercharged Place cards
All of the fabulous supercharged addressing features such as multiple alternate fonts, pinning images, mirroring images, and PDF proofs are also available for place cards.

Now you can have two different meal choices on a single place card to accommodate couples. Each can have its own image. Works with importing and printing guest list.

Sample Designs
Sample Designs
Includes professionally-designed sample projects, templates, graphics and fonts to get you started. New seasonal project designs are downloaded to Access Plan subscribers throughout the year.
Filter Fonts with Font Groups   Create gorgeous framed photos with
personalized photo matsNEW!

Our new Photo Mats stationery type lets you design and print personalized photo mats with the photos in one pass for standard 8x10, 10x20 and 11x14” photo frames. You can be creative and design with different mat aperture shapes as well as multi-photo mats. The software automatically prints the mat with a bevel so it looks 3-D when inserted into the frame as is with no mat cutting needed.
Auto-Create Seating Charts by Table

Auto-create Seating Charts by table
Now you can create a new seating chart and it will automatically populate with names and table numbers from the guest list! Adjust the text style for the headings and guest names, adjust the number of columns, and the software automatically lays out the names and tables in columns for gorgeous seating charts.

Auto-Create Seating Charts by Name

Auto-Create Seating Charts by Name
Choose the Organize Alphabetically seating chart option and the list will be sorted by last name. The software automatically adjusts the lengths of the columns of names for the most aesthetically pleasing layout. Use column connectors to add dots, lines, dashes, or squares between the name and table number to make it easy for guests to read.

Relocate data folderNEW!
Now you no longer need to keep the PrintingPress Extreme Data folder in the Documents folder, you can locate it wherever you like on your computer or an external hard disk drive, as long as it is a drive local to your computer and always connected. This helps avoid issues with services like OneDrive that sync your Documents folder but sometimes get disconnected causing your data to appear to go missing.




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