PrintingPress Extreme 8.0 Software Tour

PrintingPress Extreme 8.0

PrintingPress Extreme version 8.0 is now available. We have added even more powerful design features so you can produce fabulous invitations more quickly & easily then ever before.

The following pages will introduce you to the software and demonstrate how easy it is to design, print and mail sophisticated invitations and announcements with your PC and printer. To view some examples of stationery printed using PrintingPress, please visit our newsletter gallery.

The tour will show you the basics in PrintingPress Extreme. It will guide you through the following steps to use PrintingPress Extreme to manage an invitation or announcement project. We have indicated new PrintingPress Extreme 8.0 features in pink. Start PrintingPress Extreme Tour
      1. Manage multiple invitation and announcement projects at once. Create new projects based on one of the included samples, choose one of the projects from our free newsletter, or create a blank project.
      2. Create stationery and configure layout and margins. PrintingPress Extreme layout options include multiple place cards per page, labels, address labels, business cards, postcards and gift wrap.
      3. Design your stationery with text, photos, graphics, monograms and shapes. The stationery editor includes zoom, accented characters, superscripts and fractions. Text columns let you easily create ceremony programs or table seating charts. Add optional column connectors in a variety of styles. The Recent Fonts menu keeps track of the 10 most recently used fonts. View every available character in a font using the new Glyph Palette window. Advanced text styles include new outline types, new shadow typesand new text case styles.
      4. Powerful envelopes allow you to specify one of 10 label name formats, specify alternate fonts for multiple elements of the address, move mutlipe elements of the address onto their own line, auto-spell state names and street numbers, auto-convert "and" to "&", even replace commas with a decorative character or image. New address style options give you exceptional creative control over automatic address formatting. Pin images to the left, right, top or bottom if the address. Mirror images to the opposite side of the address.
      5. Adjust kerning for individual character pairs for addressed envelopes. Advanced kerning options let you specify spacing adjustments to tighten or loosen the spacing around a certain character regardless of the surrounding characters.
      6. Add images to any stationery. Choose from one of the thousands of high resolution, professionally-designed images, borders, backgrounds and seamless patterns, browse your hard disk to locate an image, or import a PDF. Browse image thumbnails to quickly locate the desired image. Customize images with powerful image effects. Selective color feature allows you to selectively recolor or erase part of an image, border or pattern. New advanced cropping tool lets you crop images while still seeing the entire image for reference. Downsample large images to make it easier to work with them.
      7. Add multi-style floating text boxes to your stationery. Double-click on existing text boxes to edit text in place.
      8. Bend text into one of 19 shapes including wave, circle, semi-circle, arc, quarter-circle, spiral, vertical line and random jitter.
      9. Add monograms to your stationery. Extreme monogram options include diamond and circle monograms. Even use an alternate font for side letters.
      10. Add shapes to your stationery. Fill the shape with any color or pattern, add a frame, and outline and inner pen.
      11. Add graphical or custom borders to your stationery, photos, text boxes or monograms. Choose from 31 line types including loops, wave, ric rac, double line, circle, dash, greek key and more. Specify an alternate color for certain line types. Move the border up and down in the layer order to place it above or below other design elements.
      12. Use patterns in text, borders and backgrounds. Even create your own custom patterns.
      13. Align and distribute floating objects. New Align Edge to Edge tool lets you align floating objects so that they are contiguous from edge to edge.
      14. Add a background image, color or pattern to your stationery. Repeat text or monograms to create a pattern. Use buttons in the toolbar to copy a floating image and then apply it to the stationery background.
      15. Use the built-in spell checker to avoid spelling errors. Check spelling on all floating text boxes in-place. With the new Show Spelling Preview feature enabled, misspelled words are underlined with a red squiggle to indicate the error.
      16. Import addresses into the Address Book. PrintingPress Extreme allows you to import from Comma Separated Value (*.csv), Microsoft Excel® 2003 (*.xls) or Access® Database (*.mdb) files.
      17. Compile a Mailing List from addresses in the Address Book and keep track of RSVPs and gifts received. Create Guest Lists for table place cards. Keep track of guests' meal choices and print them in a list organized by guest name or by table. Display each guest's meal choice on the place card using text, an image, or both. Print the Mailing List to keep track of RSVPs and gifts by hand.
      18. Print stationery using any printer. Print two-sided envelopes in a single pass or add crop marks.
      19. Print stationery to a graphic file offset printing.
      20. Search tool lets you search for projects and images.

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