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Invitation Architect 3.0

With our new Invitation Architect 3.0 software, eco-conscious retailers can now offer "green" proofing services. Virtual, tree-free proofs using any color scheme save money (and trees!), reduce the carbon footprint, and avoid the need to order, ship and assemble traditional paper proofs. Quick and easy to use, the software includes stationery colors, shapes, sizes and patterns, including pockets, pochettes, envelope liners, even StationeryStamps™. Add graphics files of the invitation text and email customer graphical proofs.

Templates for all Mountaincow Monthly Newsletter projects, Carlson Craft DIY & Pockets®, and AccuCut Pinnovation® stationery dies are built in. Hundreds of Envelopments® recipes are available for Envelopments dealers to download from the Envelopments dealer access website.

The following pages will introduce you to the software and show you the basics in Invitation Architect 3.0. It will guide you through the following steps to using Invitation Architect to design on-screen previews, change colors, add printed panels and more. We have indicated new Invitation Architect features in pink. Start PrintingPress Extreme Tour
    1. Browse your projects and organize them in folders. View projects in thumbnail view or in list view.
    2. Create a new project based on a sample project.
    3. Create a new project based on an empty blueprint.
    4. Search for projects by keyword.
    5. Tabbed project windows let you open multiple projects at once.
    6. Select a layer in your design to change or move the layer. Select multiple layers to apply changes to multiple pieces at once.
    7. Use the Swatch Palette to change the color for a layer in your design. Copy / Paste swatches or use the Recent Swatches menu to select recently used colors.
    8. Add a printed panel to any layer in your project.
    9. Hide one or more layers in your design. You can also hide a piece of a layer rather than the entire layer.
    10. Move and resize layers in your design.
    11. Change the edge to scalloped for Mountaincow stationery.
    12. Reverse two-sided layers in Envelopments projects.
    13. If you are working with Mountaincow stationery, Invitation Architect's Smart Swatch Palette displays Mountaincow color swatches. If your project uses Envelopments stationery, then the Envelopments color swatches are shown. If you are using a Carlson Craft design, then Carlson Craft swatches are shown.
    14. Create your own custom swatches for use with any manufacturer's stationery.
    15. Print the completed design using your printer or to a graphics file.
    16. Email a graphical proof of the completed design to your customer.
    17. Order all the stationery in your design for Mountaincow projects. Special pro discounted prices are automatically applied in your shopping cart.

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If you would like to purchase Invitation Architect, please visit our online store or call us toll-free at 1 (800) 797-MCOW, x1.



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