OKI Pro6410 NeonColor with White and Neon Toner

OKI Pro6410 NeonColor
with White and Neon Toner

Using the Pro6410 NeonColor digital color printer with white and neon toner from OKI Data Americas combined with PrintingPress Pro Extreme software by Mountaincow, for the first time ever invitation designers can now produce invitations using true hot pink, neon yellow, dayglow orange and other bright colors on white or black* stocks that pop in the daytime and positively glow under a black light! Pure Black toner cartridge can be swapped out for the white toner cartridge for jobs that do not require white print. Starter set of toner is included. USB or Ethernet cables are not included. Please see specifications for additional details.

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*Printing onto dark stocks requires 2-pass printing using Mountaincow PrintingPress Pro Extreme 9.0 or higher with auto-trapping feature.




Print Samples

Assorted neon toner printed samples.






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