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We have launched our new version 10 personal and professional software with easy access to affordable print services! Two-sided digital printing paired with authentic foil, letterpress and thermography are all affordable and easy to order from right within the software. Pro software customers have access to wholesale pricing and can create their own lines of greeting cards and boxed cards with individual cello bags and crystal clear box packaging options. Read our press release for more information.


Hot-stamped foil is available in 14 colors including gold, silver, red, rose gold. The process uses a die to press 1 color of real foil onto the front of a card after it has been 4-color digitally printed on one or both sides.

We have stock foil designs available so you can choose your foil color and pair with digitally printed photos and text without needing to purchase a custom die. This offers customers on a budget access to beautiful and economical foil stamped invitations. You can also choose to create custom foil designs and the software will automatically generate art files for the required die.

The foil, letterpress and thermography color palettes are built-in so when you type in foil it looks like foil. When pro software customers send a proof, it looks like foil so the customer can see how it will print.

Foil art should not use overly fine lines and should not knock out fine designs from a block of foil because it will bleed in when pressed. Very large areas of solid foil and bleeding foil off the edge of the card are not recommended. Foil areas are monochrome so dithering and shading will not appear. Foil is opaque and will block out any digital printing beneath it



Letterpress is an age-old print process that presses letters into the cards using a die. The impressions are flooded with 1 or 2 different ink colors, or 1 ink and 1 foil. Our letterpress palette offers different ink colors.

The thickness and texture of the stock is critical with letterpress so we offer a variety of choices. Our Crane 90# digital stock can combine letterpress with digital printing. Our letterpress-only stock is perfect for affordable printing with excellent feel. The crown jewel, Crane 220# Lettra offers heavy, rich, luxe, high-end invitations.

Like with foil, we offer a variety of stock letterpress designs that can be combined with digital photos and text for economical letterpressed invitations. You can also choose to create custom designs and the software will automatically generate art files for the required die.

Overly fine lines and overly large solid floods of letterpress ink are not recommended. Artwork will be converted to monochrome so dithering and shading will not print. Letterpress ink is not opaque and it is not recommended to print dark digital colors beneath lighter ink colors.


Thermography is the most underrated print process out there. It is time to stop thinking of thermography as a poor substitute for engraving, and start seeing it as a funky way to achieve custom shiny raised print without a custom die.

Offered in the most color options, we are recommending gold and silver thermography as an alternative to custom foil dies for certain designs.

Thermography ink is not opaque and it is not recommended to print dark digital colors beneath lighter ink colors. For this reason foil is preferred for use on top of photos.

quotes I just want to say that this option to print directly from the program with the choice of thermography, foil or letterpress has just opened a whole new door for me in my business!! Thank you so much! This is like magic! I am telling you - the ability to print all of these methods directly from program is a game changer!!!!!quotes Leslie, New York  

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Rounded corners and other trim options are available with all print processes, as are a variety of options for envelope printing and foil-lined envelopes. Custom printed envelope liners are available inserted and adhered into the envelopes.

Reception Napkins, Coastes and Treat Bags  


A wide variety of full-color digital printed and foil stamped napkins, coasters and treat bags are available for wedding receptions, parties and other events.

The design templates are built into the software. All foil reception products are custom but the die cost is built into the cost of the product so there are no separate die charges. We work with the only facility patented to print 4-color digital images onto napkins!

Foil reception products are foil only and cannot be combined with digital printing. Napkins are available in 11 different colors, coasters in white or black circles or round corner squares, and treat bags in white or kraft. Black coasters can only be printed with foil. Napkin and treat bag designs cannot bleed off the edge. Certain combinations are not available for in-country print in Canada.



We have made it easier than ever before to create your own line of greeting cards and boxed note cards! Whether for your own store or for a wholesale line, now you can order on demand and avoid the pitfalls of overprinting, mark downs and holding excess inventory. Order only what you need when you need it.

Your designs will be boxed in quantities of 8 cards and envelopes, or sleeved individually with one card and envelope, and blind drop shipped directly to your store or account.

You can use any of our specialty print services and we can even help you create your own stock foil and letterpress dies to keep on hand for subsequent orders.

Imagine filling your store with your own unique foil, letterpress and thermography greeting cards and boxed note cards that customers cannot find elsewhere online!
Printed Gift Sample Set  

Print Samples

The Card and Envelope Assortment includes 4 samples of our specialty print services selected to show the range of our 2-sided digital print and trim capabilities combined with shiny foil, authentic letterpress and raised thermography. If you order a Custom Printing album (see below) the samples will be adhered into the front few pages. The Reception Assortment includes 4 samples of our reception products selected to show the range of our digital print and foil capabilities and product options. Includes 2 napkins (1 digital and 1 foil), 1 coaster and 1 treat bag.

Card and Envelope Assortment $5.00
Reception Assortment $5.00
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Design Gallery Album

We’ve made it easy for you to display custom printing designs to your clients with our professional-quality black album binders with gold foil and gray pages. Includes starter pages with foil, letterpress and thermography samples and extra blank pages for your own designs. VIP access plan adds new pages with updated samples throughout the year. Album includes 11 pages with printed samples and 10 blank pages for you to add your own samples.



“For years we have sought an affordable solution to offer easy access to specialty print services such as foil and letterpress. We now can provide access to the largest network of facilities in the world with capacity to handle over 17,500 orders per day, including in-country printing in Canada. We can geo-target order fulfillment to reduce shipping costs and delivery time, and our low error rates and fast turnaround times enable retailers to focus on generating sales and leave the custom print order fulfillment to us. For larger accounts looking to add foil and other specialty print options, Mountaincow offers fast-track integration, typesetting, proofing and custom printing customer service options that can reduce time-to-market to three months or less.” — Josh & Megan Eisen, Founders



Call us toll-free at 1 (800) 797-MCOW, x1 to learn more!

Access to Mountaincow Print Services requires a copy of PrintingPress version 10 or higher and acceptance of our Image Submission Guidelines. Personal edition software customers have access to retail pricing, and Professional edition customers have access to wholesale pricing. VIP Access Plan customers receive an additional discount off wholesale pricing. Please contact us for more information.





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