About Mountaincow

Mountaincow is privately owned and operated in Providence, RI by Megan and Josh Eisen. Our software products embody our commitment to design, usability and style. Our flagship product, PrintingPress, makes it easy to design and print professional-looking invitations and announcements using your home computer and printer.

Megan has been designing and printing her own invitations and announcements since 1992. Our son's birth announcement in November, 2001 proved to be the inspiration for PrintingPress. Tired of using a hodgepodge of word processing, graphic arts, desktop publishing and contact management software, Megan felt it was time to create a single application to manage all aspects of invitation and announcement printing.



Megan Eisen, CEO Megan Eisen
Megan brought over 8 years of software development and user interface design experience to Mountaincow. Prior to cofounding Mountaincow, Megan held software engineering positions at General Magic, Philips Electronics and AvantGo. Megan is responsible for the design and user interface of all Mountaincow software, stationery, packaging, newsletters and web pages. She is also a senior engineer on the PrintingPress software development team. Megan received her BA from Stanford University.
Josh Eisen, President   Josh Eisen
Josh brought over 12 years of software and business experience to Mountaincow. Prior to cofounding Mountaincow, Josh held positions at, Pixo and Philips Electronics. Josh has developed and shipped dozens of software applications, and has written software powering early handheld computer devices from Philips and Askey. Josh received his BA and MBA from Stanford University.



Judith Eisen
Judith brought over 25 years of sales and marketing experience to Mountaincow. Prior to Mountaincow, Judith held positions as Senior Account Executive for FindNetwork, National Accounts Manager for Complient, Account Executive for The New York Blood Center and Sales and Marketing Executive for West Side Radiology Associates and Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Corp. Judith is responsible for business development and account management at Mountaincow. Judith received her BA from Hunter College.

Kristina Nashold
Kristina brought over 9 years of project management and vendor training experience to Mountaincow. Prior to Mountaincow, Kristina held positions as Project Manager, Vendor Manager for Training, and Client Manager at The Hanover Insurance Group. Kristina is responsible for quality assurance at Mountaincow. Kristina received her BS in Communications from Illinois State University, and her Project Management Certification from Boston University.

Patty Hoffman Brahe
Patty brought over 8 years of editorial experience to Mountaincow. Prior
to Mountaincow, Patty held positions as a founding editor of Figure Magazine, Lifestyle Editor at Twist Magazine, Associate Editor at Seventeen Magazine and Editorial Associate at Family Circle Magazine. Patty has authored several books for Mountaincow and contributes to professional software sales and training. Patty received her BA in Journalism from Lehigh University.

Wendy Tulman
Wendy brought over 12 years of graphic design and print management experience to Mountaincow. Prior to Mountaincow, Wendy held positions as Co-Owner and Designer for Allure Invitations, Senior Graphic Designer and Print Department Manager for Blue Tulip Wellesley and Freelance Graphic Designer for Wendesigns. In addition, Wendy has served as Education Chair and Board Member of the Boston Wedding Group and is involved with many non-profit organizations. Wendy is responsible for template design, software sales and training for professional software at Mountaincow. Wendy received her BS from Syracuse University and her MA in Graphic Design from Boston University.



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