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PrintingPress Platinum lets you add images to any piece of stationery. Click on the Insert Image button in the toolbar to and the Choose image window will appear. Folders of the built-in images are on the left side of the window, and thumbnails of the images in each folder are shown on the right side of the window. You can change the list to display in thumbnail view or report view. You can zoom the thumbnails to be larger or smaller, and you can resize the window to show more or fewer thumbnails. Click on a folder to browse its contents or search for a specific image.

Choose image
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After you add photos or images to your stationery, you can use the arsenal of powerful image effects to customize your image. If you do not have any objects selected on the card, the controls on the Adjust tab will apply to the stationery background. To make changes to the stationery border, click on the Apply to Border button. The controls on the Adjust palette allow you to modify the brightness, hue, saturation and transparency of any image. You can also recolor an image, border or background using one of two recoloring options: Recolor or Tint.

Adjust Palette Colorize Brightness Transparency Saturation No Color Adjustment Recolor Tint Sample Color Match RGB Hue Blur Convert to Grayscale Make White Transparent Apply Color Apply to Border Restore Original Image

The Colorize tool allows you to replace all the color in an image with a color that you specify. All of the black in the original image is replaced with the specified color, and all lighter areas in the image are replaced with lighter versions of the new color. In the example below, we colorized a black heart to green.


In the example below, we recolored one of the butterfly images from our Fonts & Graphics for Weddings collection using the Recolor feature. We enabeld the Make white transparent setting so that the white background of the image was not recolored to aqua along with the yellow areas of the butterfly wings.

Recolor Image

One of our unique image effects, the faded border, allows you to blend the edges of the image into the background of your stationery. In the example below, we faded the border and converted the image to grayscale.

Fade Image Border

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