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You can type your text and insert images right into the main text area of your card. Anything that you add to the main text area obeys whatever alignment you apply. You can center, left or right align images as well as text. Our advanced type styles give you more design options to create your card exactly the way you want it. The example below from the April 2013 issue of the Mountaincow Newsletter has a dotted yellow background image, dark gray text in the main text area, and a floating text box.

(click to enlarge)
Note: The light gray rectangle represents a margin and will not be printed.

The stationery editor allows you to zoom in or out to see more or less of your stationery at once. The zoom controls allow you to use the magnifying glasses buttons to zoom in or out by 25%, or you can choose a value in the combo box, or you can type in an exact zoom level.


The Character palette in the Text palette group lets you format text font, size, style, fill color or background color. You can also adjust the character spacing or line spacing. If you have a floating text box selected, you can use the controls in the Character palette to modify the text in the text box as well.

Previous Next Font Name Font Size Fill Color Background Color Underline Subscript Set Text Case Outline Color Outline Thickness Superscript Line Spacing Character Spacing Italic Bold

The new Recent Fonts menu keeps track of the 10 most recently used fonts to make it easy for you to quickly select fonts among the ones that you are using for the current design.

Recent Fonts Menu

You can add an outline to any text or monogram.

Outlined Text

You can also specify the text case from a variety of text case styles.

Set Text Case

You can use the controls in the Paragraph palette in the Text palette group to to modify the text's horizontal and vertical alignment, left and right indent and the space before and after each paragraph.

Align Left Align Center Align Right Justify Align Top Align Middle Align Bottom Justify Vertically Indent Text Left Space After Paragraph Indent Text Right Space Before Paragraph Resize Text to Fit Text Box Make White Background Transparent Wrap Text

PrintingPress Platinum lets you match the color of your text to a color in an image or border that you are using in your stationery by choosing Sample Color in any Color menu. The cursor changes to an eyedropper and will sample whatever color you click on anywhere in the PrintingPress Platinum window. The text selection hides temporarily to allow you to select a color from within the text if you like. A preview of the color beneath the dropper is shown in a small window to the left of the stationery. . In the example below from the August 2011 issue of the Mountaincow Newsletter, we selected the birthday girl's name and used the Sample Color tool to match the exact blue in the scooter. You can use the Sample Color tool to match colors in images, photographs, backgrounds and borders.

Sample Color
Note: The light gray rectangle represents a margin and will not be printed.

The Special Characters palette in the Text palette group allows you to easily add European accents, superscript and subscript, a bullet, fractions, an inverted exclamation point or an inverted question mark to your text.

Insert Character Accent Grave Accent Acute Circumflex Tilde Umlaut Cedilla Accent Grave Accent Acute Circumflex Tilde Umlaut Cedilla

Please Note
These special characters will only appear if the font you are using includes the special character you wish to add.


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