PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 Software Tour

PrintingPress Platinum 7.0

Welcome to the guided tour of PrintingPress Platinum 7.0! The following pages will introduce you to the software and demonstrate how easy it is to design, print and mail sophisticated invitations and announcements with your PC and printer. To view some examples of stationery printed using PrintingPress Platinum, please visit our newsletter gallery.

The tour will show you the basics in PrintingPress Platinum 7.0. It will guide you through the following steps using PrintingPress Platinum to manage an invitation or announcement project. We have indicated new PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 features in pink. Start PrintingPress Platinum Tour
      1. Manage multiple invitation and announcement projects at once. Create new projects based on one of the included samples, choose one of the projects from our free newsletter, or create a blank project.
      2. Create stationery and configure layout and margins. PrintingPress Platinum layout options include multiple cards per page.
      3. Design your stationery with text, photos, graphics, monograms and shapes. The stationery editor includes zoom, accented characters, superscripts and fractions. The Recent Fonts menu keeps track of the 10 most recently used fonts. Advanced text styles include outlined text and set text case.
      4. Powerful envelopes allow you to specify one of 10 label name formats, and let you customize the font for the address and the return address.
      5. Add images to any stationery. Sort images by color in Insert Image window. Customize images with powerful image effects. Use controls on the Adjust palette to rotate, recolor or make white transparent for images or modify stationery borders and backgrounds. Use the Colorize tool to replace all of the color in an image with another color. This is ideal for silhouette images and works best when the original image is black.
      6. Add multi-style floating text boxes to your stationery. Double-click on existing text boxes to edit text in place.
      7. Add monograms to your stationery. Platinum monogram options include diamond and circle monograms.
      8. Add graphical or custom rectangular or oval borders to your stationery, photos, text boxes or monograms.
      9. Align floating objects using the Align palette.
      10. Add a background image or color to your stationery.
      11. Use the built-in spell checker to avoid spelling errors. Check spelling on all floating text boxes in-place. With the new Show Spelling Preview feature enabled, misspelled words are underlined with a red squiggle to indicate the error. Right-click on the misspelled word to see suggestions to correct the error, ignore the word, or add the word to your custom dictionary.
      12. Import addresses into the Address Book. PrintingPress Platinum allows you to import from Comma Separated Value (*.csv), Microsoft Excel® 2003 (*.xls) or Access® Database (*.mdb) files.
      13. Compile a Mailing List from addresses in the Address Book and keep track of RSVPs and gifts received. Create Guest Lists for table place cards. Print the Mailing List to keep track of RSVPs and gifts by hand.
      14. Print stationery using any printer. Print two-sided envelopes in a single pass.
      15. Search tool lets you search for projects and images.

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