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Invitation Architect includes hundreds of sample projects for you to use. All of the Mountaincow Monthly Newsletter project designs since 2005 are built into the software along with the Envelopments® recipe designs from 2005 - 2007. The the Envelopments® recipe designs from 2008 and beyond can be downloaded from the Envelopments dealer website. You can create a new project based on any of the sample projects by choosing New Project in the File menu. Click on the Sample Projects folder to see the Envelopments Projects and Mountaincow Newsletter Projects folders. A thumbnail image of each project in the folder will be shown on the right side of the New Project window.

New Project from Sample
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Select a project thumbnail image, enter a new name in the Project Name field at the bottom of the New Project Window if you like and click the OK button. Invitation Architect will create a new project based on the sample project template and save it into the project folder specified in the Save to Folder combo box. All the stationery colors are already set to the colors used in the sample, and the printed panels from the original project are already in place.


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