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Once you have chosen the different colors for the layers in your project and updated the printed panels to reflect your customer's text and design, you can print the completed design using your desktop printer or to a graphics file. To print the design using your printer, just choose Print in the File menu. If the design that you are using is wider than it is tall, you may want to click on the Properties button in the Print window to change your printer to print in Landscape mode. In the example below from the February 2011 issue of the Mountaincow Newsletter, we printed the design in Landscape mode.

Printed Design
(click to enlarge)

You can also print a design to a graphics file for posting on a website by choosing Print to Graphics File in the File menu. You can specify the graphic file format using the Format combo box. The choices are PNG, JPEG and TIFF. Specify the resolution using the Resolution combo box. You can also add an optional watermark to the file to add your company name or any text that you like.

Print to Graphics File


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