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You may not want to use all the pieces or layers included in a design. You can hide any piece by selecting the layer and then clicking on the Hide Layer button in the toolbar. The Hide Layer button will remain pressed to indicate that the layer is hidden. The hidden layer will no longer be shown in the design preview on the left side of the application window, but it will still be listed in the Layers list and it will be marked as hidden. You can show a hidden layer by clicking on it in the Layers list and then clicking on the Hide Layer button in the toolbar or by choosing Show All Layers in the Layers menu.

You can also hide individual pieces of a layer. In the example below from the February 2011 issue of the Mountaincow Newsletter, you can see the original design on the left. The original layout shows the back of the envelope with the liner as well as the closed Pocket Folder with the seal. You can see the design with several hidden layers and pieces on the right. First we hid the envelope liner and the seal. These layers are now marked as "— Hidden —" in the Layers list. Next, we hid each piece of the back of the envelope and the closed Pocket Folder and seal. The hidden pieces are no longer drawn in the design preview or in the Layers List, but they are not marked as "—Hidden—" in the Layers list.


Original Project
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Hidden Layer
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