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If you create a new project using a blueprint from the Other Stationery folder, you can create your own custom swatches to represent any stationery manufacturer's colors. The default palette includes only one stationery manufacturer ("Other") and only one color ("White"). You can add additional swatches by choosing Custom Swatches, Add Custom Swatch in the Swatches menu or by clicking on the Add Custom Swatch button in the toolbar.

Custom Swatch
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Specify the stationery manufacturer's name in the Manufacturer field in the Swatch name section. If you have already created a swatch for the manufacturer, then choose that manufacturer by clicking on the combo box's down arrow. Enter the swatch color's name in the Color / Pattern field in the Swatch name section. You can specify a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value for the color, or you can choose a graphics file that you have on your hard disk. The graphics file may be a scan of the stationery or a swatch from the manufacturer’s website, and could represent a solid or textured color or even a pattern. You can specify that the swatch is vellum / transparent.


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