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Invitation Architect also allows you to create a new project based on an empty blueprint. A blueprint specifies the layout and size of the stationery, but no stationery colors or printed panels are specified. A blueprint allows you to start from a blank slate. To create a new project based on a blueprint, choose New Project in the File menu and click on the Blueprints folder in the New Project window.

New Project from Blueprint
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Invitation Architect includes blank blueprints of all stationery configurations used in the included Envelopments recipe designs as well as Mountaincow bulk stationery sizes. If you create a new project based on an Envelopments blueprint, the Envelopments color palette will be available. If you create a new project based on a Mountaincow blueprint, the Mountaincow bulk stationery or Two Tone palette will be offered.

In addition, Invitation Architect includes a category of blueprints for Other Stationery which allows you to create your own custom palette using any color or swatch file that you choose. The blueprints are offered in a variety of standard stationery sizes. This allows you to use Invitation Architect with stationery and color swatches from other manufacturers.

Select a blueprint thumbnail image, enter a new name in the Project Name field at the bottom of the New Project Window if you like and click the OK button and Invitation Architect will create a new project based on the blueprint template and save it into the currently selected project folder.


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