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When you create a new piece of stationery, the Stationery Wizard provides total control over creating and configuring cards, envelopes and other types of stationery for easy editing and printing. To create a new piece of stationery using the Stationery Wizard, choose New Stationery in the Stationery menu.

New Stationery Wizard

The first step of the wizard asks you to choose the type of stationery you wish to create. In addition to the standard stationery types offered by PrintingPress Pro Extreme (Card, Envelope, Address Label, Label, Postcard, Place Card, Program, Business Card, Banner, Custom Postage and Gift Wrap), Pro Extreme also offers Envelopments, AccuCut Pinnovation and Crane & Co. standard shapes and sizes. The ensuing steps allow you to specify the following:

  • The exact dimensions of the stationery
  • Fold placement (for folded cards)
  • The margins for text and image placement
  • Overprint margins for adding bleed to enable borderless designs to print with optional crop marks for subsequent trimming.
  • Details for envelopes, address labels, labels, postcards, overlay pages, programs and table place cards.
  • The number of cards per page (for printing 2 or 4 cards on an 8 1/2 x 11 page or multiple place cards per page)

If you are working with AccuCut Pinnoration dies, you can easily search for the die you want by typing in the list window when creating your stationery. We even added handy preview images to help make sure you choose the right one. Use the controls in the Stationery type section to specify whether you would like to use each die as a blank card, address label or place card. If you've created a custom die from Custom Shape Pros, you can purchase custom templates for use with PrintingPress Pro Extreme 9.0.


All of our personalized gifts are also easily searchable in the Stationery Wizard.

Personalized Gifts


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