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PrintingPress Pro Extreme has a powerful reporting tool to help you keep track of your custom printing projects. You can print reports by customer, date, designer or status. To print a project report, select Print Report in the File menu and the Print Project Report window will appear.

Print Project Report

Specify the primary filter using the Sort projects by combo box. The choices are Customer, Date, Designer and Status. You can specify a project status filter as well using the Only show projects with status combo box. If you select a project status, only projects with the specified status will be included in the report. You can specify a date filter using the Select date filter combo box. You can also use the Start date and End date date pickers to specify an exact date range. If you specify any sort of date range, only projects started within the range will be included in the report. To include all project dates, select All in the Select date filter combo box.

The printed report has the main report filter and date range at the top. It also lists the total sales, costs, prints and number of employee work hours included in the report at the top of the page. Each filter section (month, customer, designer or status) is then subtotaled at the bottom of its section. The report lists the project name, customer name, start date, fee, cost, status, designer, total number of pieces of stationery printed and total number of employee work hours for each project.

PrintingPress Pro Extreme allows you to track the cost of each project.

Track Hours
The software automatically calculates the time spent working on a project to help track your time and effort spent designing, editing and printing the project.

Track Prints
The software automatically calculates the total number of prints for the project, including cards, envelopes, place cards and other stationery, so you can easily track the size of the job and control your stationery inventory.

There are several ways to view a project's hours and prints. You can go to the Customer view and scroll the project list to the right to see the hours and prints totals. You can also select a particular project and open the Project Information window by choosing Edit Project Info in the File menu. The hours and prints are displayed in the upper right corner of the window.

PrintingPress Pro Extreme makes it easy to create a mailing to send to all your customers. Because you have entered your customer information into Pro Extreme, all you have to do is create a new project for the mailing, add your stationery, and then add your customers to the project's Mailing List:

  1. View your Address Book. Your Address Book contains all your personal addresses as well as all the addresses of your employees and customers.

    1. First go to the Customer view and select the green "My Projects" folder.
    2. Now select the Address Book button in the icon bar to view your Address Book.

  2. To select all your customers:

    1. Click on the "Relationship" column header in the Address Book to sort the Address Book by relationship.
    2. Scroll down until you see the first customer entry.
    3. Click on the first customer, then scroll down until you see the last customer.
    4. Hold down the shift key and click on the last customer in your Address Book to select all your customers.

  3. Choose Add Selected to Mailing List for (project name) in the Address Book menu.

That's it! All your customers are now included in your project's Mailing List.

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