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If you need to email a copy of an invitation to someone, post it on a website, or bring an electronic copy to a professional printing service, you can easily print your stationery to a graphics file. To print to a graphic file, view the piece of stationery you want to print and choose Print to Graphic File in the File menu or hit Control+Shift+P on your keyboard. The Print to Graphics File window will appear.

Print to Graphics File

You can specify the graphic file format using the Format combo box. The choices are PNG, JPEG, TIFF and PDF. Specify the resolution using the Resolution combo box. The choices are screen, 300 dpi, 600 dpi and 1200 dpi. You can add an optional watermark to the file by checking Add watermark to file and then specifying the watermark text in the Watermark field. If you are having envelopes printed by a third party printer, you can create one-pass graphic files by checking the Print envelope with flap open checkbox. When emailing a graphical proof to a customer, you can enter the subject and body that you would like to use in the email. Once you have entered the subject and body, they will be saved as the default for the next time that you send a proof.

The default values, PNG at screen resolution, create a smaller file which is perfect for emailing or posting on a website. If you want to outsource the printing, you can create a file with higher resolution. Once you click the OK button, you can choose where to save your file.

If you are creating a graphics file for use with Invitation Architect, check the Format for Invitation Architect checkbox. This will create separate graphics files for each panel of folded cards, the front and back of envelopes, or individual labels.

If you are emailing a customer a proof and you are using one of the Crane & Co. templates with the non-printing background of the imprintable stationery, check the Show hidden background checkbox to include the non-printing background in the graphics file.

If you are creating a graphics file to send to an offset printer, you would typically choose the PDF option.  You can also use the controls on the Gang Options tab to print multiple pieces of stationery on a single page (with or without crop marks).



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