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Once you have styled the placeholder address on your envelopes and you have set up your project's Mailing List, you are ready to print your envelopes. The Print Preview feature lets you review all of the addresses in the Mailing List exactly as they will be printed so that you can fix any errors without wasting any envelopes. Click on theNext page button at the top of the window to walk through the names in the project's Mailing List.

Print Preview Envelopes
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If there is a postal code error in the adress (the city and state do not match the zip code), then the last line of the address will be underlined with a red squiggle. Right-click on the address and choose one of the suggested city/postal code combinations offered in the list, edit the address, or look up the postal code on the appropriate country's postal service website.

If you see a text change that you would like to make in an address (a misspelled name, adding "and Guest", etc.), you can click on the Edit address button at the top of print preview and edit the address in place. Once you click on the Save and close button, you will see the updated address on the envelope.

Address Information Window

If you are printing addressed envelopes for your client, you can now offer complete addressed envelope proofing services. PrintingPress Pro Extreme 9.0 will create a PDF file that includes every name in the Mailing List exactly as it will be printed on each envelope. If the envelope is two-sided with the return address on the back of the envelope, PrintingPress Pro Extreme will create two PDF files. The first PDF file will show all the names and addresses in the Mailing List, and the second PDF file will include the back of the envelope, which will be the same for each address in the list.

Create Addressed Envelope PDF Proofs
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