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You can keep track of a guest list for an event by adding guests to the project's Guest List. You can then use this guest list to print place cards. To view your project's Guest List, double-click on the project to open it and then click on Guest List in the Project palette. The project's Guest List will displayed on the right side of the Pro Extreme window.

Guest List
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The names that are added to the Guest List do not need to be tied to the customer's Address Book. These names are only used to print table place cards or escort cards. There are several ways to add names to the Guest List:

  1. Import a guest list from a text file with the names and tables listed.
  2. Enter guest name and table information manually.
  3. Add names from the Mailing List and assign the names to tables.

Each entry in the Guest List allows you to specify the name as it should be printed on the place card, the table number/name, and the meal choice.

Edit Guest

PrintingPress Pro Extreme lets you save a list of up to five meal choices for each project. You can customize the name for each meal choice and assign unique images to each of the meal choices.

Meal Choices

You can use one of the hundreds of built-in meal choice images, or you can use any image that you like for each meal choice.

Meal Choice Images
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PrintingPress Pro Extreme includes a place card stationery type with a placeholder guest name that behaves just like the placeholder address on the front of the envelope. You can configure the place card to display the name and table together on the front of the card, or show the name on the outside and the table on the inside. The meal choice placeholder image lets you determine the size and placement of the meal choice image. The images will be printed based on what is specified in the Guest List. Below you can see an example of a place card with the name and table on the outside. The guest name uses an alternate font in a larger point size.

You can preview place cards just like you can preview envelopes and walk through the names in the guest list. Below you can see an example of the above place card in print preview. The guest name, table number, and meal choice have all been pulled from the Guest List.

Print Preview
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