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PrintingPress Pro Extreme allows you to require users to log in with a user name and password in order to use the software. You can create a unique login for each employee with different levels of access privileges. You can view all your employees, their phone numbers and access privileges by viewing your Customer list and choosing Add / Edit Employees in the File menu.

Employees Window
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To create a new employee, click on the Add button in the Employees window and enter the information in the Employee Information window.

Empoyee Information

The employees you create will be listed as choices for each project's designer and printer. If an employee does not have design privileges, that employee will not appear in the designer combo box on the Job Info tab in the Project Information window. Employees with Administrator privileges have the ability to create, delete and fully modify any project. Employees with Design privileges have the ability to create and modify any project, but cannot delete projects. Employees with Print privileges cannot create or modify projects, they can only print stationery. Employees with View privileges cannot create, modify or print anything, they can only view projects for review purposes.

Job Info
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