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When you are creating projects for multiple customers, it is important to be able to keep each customer's information separated. PrintingPress Pro Extreme makes this easy with the Customer view. In this view, each customer is given a folder. Each time you create a project for that customer, it is shown in the customer's project list. You can specify whether the project list should be shown in thumbnail or report mode. The project list below is shown in thumbnail mode.

Customers and Projects
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When in report mode, the project list displays each project's name, due date, the number of hours that you and your employees have been working on the project, the current status of the project, the project fee, the fee status, the project's designer (you or one of your employees), the project's printer (also you or one of your employees), the start date for the project, the total number of pieces of stationery printed for the project and the cost for the project (stationery, add-ons, etc.).

To edit a project's settings, choose Edit Project Settings in the File menu and edit the information in the Edit Project Settings window. You can change the project name and preview image as well as settings used for pricing recommendations.

Project Settings
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You can create your own projects as well as projects for your customers. These projects will be listed in the green "My Projects" customer folder. To view all of your customers' projects at once, click on the blue "All Projects" customer folder. All the projects on your computer will be listed.

To create a new customer, just choose Add new customer in the Customers menu and enter the customer's information in the Customer Information window:

Customer Information

Each customer has their own Address Book, so when you want to view a particular customer's address book, you must first select the customer, then click on the Address Book tab above the customer's project list. You can then import addresses from a Comma Separated Value (*.csv) file, a Word (*.doc) file or a Text (*.txt) file or manually enter them.

To view your own address book, click on the My Projects folder at the top of the Customer List and then click on the Address Book tab at the top of the Project List.

If you know you created a folder for a customer but can't remember where, you can use the Find Customer tool to locate the customer by name. PrintingPress Pro Extreme will select the first folder that includes the text in the folder name. If it is not the correct folder, you can continue to search the remaining folders.

Find Customer or Folder Window



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