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Invitations, announcements and holiday cards need to be mailed to many people at once, and PrintingPress Pro Extreme was specifically designed to simplify this daunting task. Our Address Book and Mailing Lists are tightly integrated into the software and they offer features that help you print envelopes, track RSVP and thank-you note status, and manage multiple projects easily.

Each one of your customers has their own address book. Every time you create a new customer, PrintingPress Pro Extreme automatically creates a new blank Address Book. The Address Book stores all of your customer's names and addresses for their projects. Your customer can provide them to you in three ways: a handwritten list, a text document from a program like Microsoft Word® or a comma separated value document from a program like Microsoft Excel®.

When you import your customer's address list, PrintingPress Pro can optionally verify postal codes for the US, Canada and Australia. As errors are found, you will be prompted to correct them as shown below. If you do not fix the error during importing, postal code errors are marked with a red exclamation point in the Address Book.

Postal Code Error

Once your customer has given you their address list, you can add all of the names to a project's Mailing List, or just a few select names. No matter how many projects you create for your customer, you can always pull the names from the same Address Book without entering them again and again. To view a customer's Address Book, click on the customer's folder and then click on the Address Book tab at the top of the right side of the window.

Address Book
(click to enlarge)

The oval icons on the left indicate your customer's relationship to the different contacts, allowing you to sort the list based on your customer's friends, relatives and business associates. PrintingPress Pro Extreme offers many categories to help organize all the names in your customer's Address Book. The Relationship button in the toolbar lets you quickly set relationships for all your csutomer's contacts:

Relationship Menu

To enter an address into your customer's Address Book, choose New Address in the Address Book menu. The Address Information window will appear. The buttons at the top of the window allow you to easily enter many addresses by clicking the Save and New button, or scan through your addresses using the Save and prev and Save and next buttons. The Insert button allows you to enter European accents or other special characters into the address.

Address Information Window

Enter all the contact's information in the fields provided. You can specify different mailing label names to use for an inner envelope for a formal invitation as well as 10 options for the outer envelope. The options with asterisks are labels that you specify in the Address Information window. The options without asterisks are generated automatically from the contact's first and last names. When you create an envelope, you can specify which label name to use.

  • Formal name for envelope *
  • Informal name for envelope *
  • First Last
  • the Last Names
  • The Last Names
  • the Last Name family
  • The Last Name Family
  • Just the boys *
  • Just the girls *
  • Just the kids *

PrintingPress Pro Extreme offers a convenient feature to clean up common typos in addresses once your addresses are imported. Just choose Clean Up Addresses from the Address Book menu and the Clean up addresses window will appear:

Clean Up Addresses Window

You can choose which options to use when cleaning up the Address Book. You can run this tool again if you import more names or if you discover additional typos.



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