PrintingPress Software Comparison
We offer several different versions of our Personal Edition invitation software. Please use the chart below to see which version is right for you.
Our Personal Edition software is licensed for personal use only. If you design or print for clients, you would need our professional software.

PrintingPress 7.0
Platinum 7.0

Extreme 7.0


Design and print custom sized stationery

Print addressed envelopes and place cards

Track rsvp, gifts and guests

Use your own fonts, graphics, photos, paper, printer

Import addresses from Outlook®, Excel®, or CSV file

Print two-sided envelope in one pass through your printer

Style text with multiple fonts, colors, sizes, character and line spacing

Print mailing list to share with family

Image tools to flip, rotate, crop, fade border, align

Spelling preview, recent font menu, copy/paste text style

Includes stylish sample projects, graphics and fonts

Create custom monograms


Typestyle with floating text boxes and outline text styles


Colorize black artwork to any desired color


Design stationery with borders and backgrounds


Print multi-up labels and address labels


Design your own shapes, borders and backgrounds with patterns


Advanced text effects with shadows, columns and text on a curve


Use alternate fonts to style your envelope addresses


Automatic text substitution for state names and abbreviations


Powerful tools to selectively color or erase part of an image


Extensive selection of border shapes and line styles


Glyph palette to view all the characters in a font


Create your own custom patterns and repeated text designs


Use meal choice text and images on place cards


New collection of images, borders, backgrounds & seamless patternsNEWNEWNEW


Import multi-page PDF files containing text or vector graphicsNEWNEWNEW


Advanced image cropping toolsNEWNEWNEW


Copy a floating image and apply it to the stationery backgroundNEWNEWNEW


Supercharged addressing with multiple alternate fontsNEWNEWNEW


Replace commas in address with imagesNEWNEWNEW


Separate zip code digits with imagesNEWNEWNEW


Pin images to the addressNEWNEWNEW


Print stationery directly to a PDF file for third party printingNEWNEWNEW





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